South African Boerboel puppies
About Us:
A new American breeder of Boerboels using South African stock.
The company is formed by Bill Tidwell (Susan's father), Susan Rook and Robert Rook.
Dugutigi is Malinke  for 'Village Chief', we chose this name in respect of our last remaining Rhodesian Ridgeback 'Tigo' he is over 14 years old and had led a wonderful life, his niece Samba, another Rhodesian Ridgeback sadly passed away just over a year ago. Susan spent 10 years in Mali as a nurse (well mostly doctoring) and grew to love the country and its people, she had with her as companions and guards, the 2 Ridgebacks.
Robert also has owned 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks when he lived in the U.K., and thinks that these are some of the best dogs around,
We both love big unusual dogs and Boerboels have that extra special 'something' about them, strong, powerful yet so easy to look at, we met our first one at the Florence (Alabama) Ren Faire and immediately fell in love with him.
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